PLEASE READ: All motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited beyond the gravel parking lot. While all types of non-motorized bicycles are welcome, we recommend:

  • BMX (Bicycle Motocross)
  • Dirt jumper
  • Hard tail or XC (cross country) style mountain bike
  • Balance Bike (bicycle without peddles for kids starting out)

BMX (Bicycle Motocross) bikes are very light weight and agile for doing tricks. They are excellent for fast smooth surfaces, like the features at City Bike Park.

The bikes listed on this page are just examples; we are not endorsed by any of these companies.


2018 Haro Downtown BMX

Dirt Jumper

Dirt Jumper bicycles are great for those folks that like the stability of a mountain bike but have excellent geometry for jumps like the ones in our park.

2019 Airborne Skyhawk (Manufactured in Dayton, Ohio)

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are excellent for a variety of terrains. Come to City Bike Park to work on your technical skills, such as pumping through features and manuals. All of which will help you become a better rider.

2020 Airborne Toxin 29 (manufactured in Dayton, Ohio)