City Bike Park’s grand re-opening is scheduled for the weekend of May 29, 2021!

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Pre-renovation (10+ years of neglect)

The Park as Rose City BMX

The park, formerly known as Rose City BMX Track, has been closed for 10 years. It was active from 1981 – 2011. With the rebranding comes a new purpose. Check out About Us for details.

The park has a long, rich history. Before it officially closed in 2011, BMX races were frequently held at the track.

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Richmond Parks Department opened the track to the public.

Palladium Item Sat Jun 30 1990 - 1979 Original Open Date
Palladium Item Sat Jun 30 1990 – “BMX club hosting finals” (describes the track’s 1979 original open date)


The Rose City BMX Park was approved by Don McBride (President, Richmond Parks & Recreation Department Board). Kirby Bales, received approval to lease (99 year term) the bike park from Richmond Parks & Recreation.

Kirby received approval of the track plan and work began later this year.

Rose City BMX Track - 1982 Track Approval
Letter to Richmond Parks & Recreation from Fred Hodson on August 16th, 2003


In 1987, Rose City BMX was disbanded as an organization. In the same year, the park was very fortunate that a local family stepped in to do a complete rebuild of the BMX track.

1987 Rose City Disbanded
Letter from Lennie Parker, August 10th, 2003 [on record with Richmond Parks & Recreation]

Delucio Family Pay To Rebuild BMX Track
Letter from Nick & Butch DeLucio, August 11th, 2003 [on record with Richmond Parks & Recreation]


In 2007 a major rebuild occurred which included 128 triaxle loads of clay-based dirt.

Palladium Item Sat Jul 28 2007
Palladium Item Sat Jul 28 2007 – [Rose City] BMX “Track undergoes major rebuild”

Palladium Item Sat Jul 28 2007 BMX Race
Palladium Item Sat Jul 28 2007 – BMX Race | “Riders ready to race” (Left to right: Dylan Seal & Gregg Seal)


In February 2019 we lost Kirby Bales, who managed the bike park, known at the time as the Rose City BMX Track, for more than 25 years.


Kirby Bales - Obituary 1943-2019

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