Every donation makes a difference!

The bike park is looking to our community to assist the City Bike Park Volunteer Committee in the costs to open the park.

Attention Mobile Users: You can use your finger to drag over the costs or click City Bike Park Startup Costs Excel Spreadsheet to more easily read the costs.

“Required to Open” Total Initial Costs $            4,435.00Total Initial Costs $            11,973.00
DescriptionClassificationRequired to OpenQuantity or # of days (rental) Cost per Item  Estimated Total Cost Comments
Square Point ShovelAssetYes3 $         17.00 $            51.00
Metal RakeAssetYes3 $         18.00 $            54.00
36″ Garden RollerAssetYes1 $       150.00 $         150.00
Ground CompactorRentalYes2 $         52.00 $         104.00Only need for 1 weekend after track has been “cut-in”.
Skid SteerRentalYes16 $       180.00 $      2,880.0016 days is based on having it every weekend March 6 – April 24th.
Grass Killer ConcentrateConsumableYes9 $         35.00 $         315.00We’re estimating the total # of gallons to be 270.
3/4″ 4’x8′ treated PlywoodConsumableYes3 $         39.00 $         117.00Start shelter roof & Tower floor.
Metal RoofingConsumableYes1 $         21.00 $            21.00Start shelter roof.
Treated Wood Fence PostConsumableYes8 $         15.00 $         120.00Repair fencing around parking lot.
Wood Split Fence RailsConsumableYes16 $         12.00 $         192.00Repair fencing around parking lot.
Walk behind Paint SprayerAssetYes1 $         93.00 $            93.00To paint lines along path to separate beginner and expert lines.
Paint for SprayerConsumableYes1 $         68.00 $            68.00Qty of 12 cans for the sprayer.
Pull behind sprayerAssetYes1 $       270.00 $         270.00Needed to spray grass killer.
Cellular-based Security CameraAssetNo2 $       300.00 $         600.00Requires monthly cellular plan, so may use cheaper camera for post-incident review.
Picnic TableAssetNo2 $       119.00 $         238.00Sitting area for spectators.
Steel 20′ Storage ContainerAssetNo1$2,100 $      2,100.00This is an example. Whatever we purchase it must be well-secured.
Used UTV with dump bed (i.e. Polaris Ranger)AssetNo1 $   4,000.00 $      4,000.00Looking for cheap multi-purpose vehicle. Volunteer Greg has an ATV that we can use for now.
Grand Opening Banners (3′ x 4′)AssetNo4 $         75.00 $         300.00
Banner space rentalRentalNo4 $         75.00 $         300.00

Donation Pledge Form

Please help us by pledging any amount or an in-kind donation. You can also chose to have your donation go directly to specific cost(s) listed above.

    After pledging to the City Bike Park, one of our volunteers will contact you to arrange payment of the pledged amount and/or in-kind donation.