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  • 2022 Season has Officially Begun
    April 15th (Good Friday) marks are official 2022 open date. We’re excited for this year’s upcoming updates. It includes, but not limited to, a new jump line and much needed shade over the BMX track start line area.
  • Sponsor Update – Parks & Recreation
    Parks & Recreation comes through again! They have rebuilt the water lines and water equipment. For a bike park, this is essential for maintenance. Also, they have allowed us to borrow equipment to help us get the park ready to re-open in May. A huge thank you to Denise Retz and team for making all…
  • New Sponsor – First Bank Richmond
    We received incredible news this week! First Bank Richmond has approved our grant application for $3,000!! This will allow us to purchase a secure storage unit and the necessary equipment to build and maintain our great park. First Bank Richmond does so much for our community. An absolutely amazing business that deserves your business!
  • Sponsor Update – Parks & Recreation
    A huge thank you to Parks & Recreation for donating the funds in order to rent the skid steer Harley Rake for a week ($500)! We’ll use it to remove the top soil from the BMX track. Check it out!
  • Check Out Our Before Video
    This interview and drone footage was created by Kevin Shook at Global Enterprise Media and donated to CBP. How cool is that?!?
  • We’re official!
    Parks & Recreation added us to the Freeman Park entrance and we’ve been validated on Google Business. Check out our photos.
  • New Sponsor – Global Media Enterprise
    Wow – what an amazing week!!! Kevin and the crew at Global Media Enterprise are amazing. Huge thank you for the $1,000 in-kind donation in the form of professional video, including drone footage. It’s coming soon so check back often!
  • New Sponsor – Parks & Recreation
    Join me in giving a super warm thank you to Parks & Recreation for donating $1,500 towards the skid steer rental for the next month!!! Wow – they are amazing people!!!
  • New Sponsor – MacAllistor Rental
    Huge thank you to MacAllistor Rental for the in-kind donation of $1,500 in the form of renting a skid steer for the month.
  • Park reopen – Day 1 Work Complete
    The 1st day of work of week 0 (zero) is now in the books. Today we cleared the brush from the parking lot and the track. We also removed the trees and brush from the starting pad.
  • New Sponsor – Dale Baker
    Dale Baker, who makes custom laser cut signs, provided our new sign, made from cedar, for free (in-kind)!!!
  • Talked to the Experts at the Dayton Indoor BMX Track
    A huge thank you to Bob & Anna Bruns (owners and operators) at that Dayton Indoor BMX Track. I [Ben Willett] met with them last night to talk about what it takes to open and manage a bike track. Such amazing people!! They had so much wonderful feedback. They spent over 2 hours with me…
  • Check Out Our Main Track Layout
    After taking all of the necessary measurements, we have laid out our main track. Check it out!
  • Our New Volunteer T-shirt Design
    Check out our new volunteer t-shirt! We’re well on our way.
  • We’re now listed 0n Google Business
    You can now find us under City Bike Park when you do a Google search for our name. When we open at the end of April, please check in and give us a rating on our Google business account and Facebook. We would greatly appreciate it!
  • We’re now on Facebook
    Check out the new City Bike Park Facebook Page. Like our page and share it with your friends. If you have questions or comments, please let us know.
  • Rebranded With New Logo
    We have received approval for rebranding the bike park as City Bike Park. Check out our new logo below;
  • Bike Park Approved To Reopen
    Great news! As you may have already guessed, we received approval to rebrand and reopen the formerly known Rose City BMX track to the public as a family bike park. The newly formed volunteer committee, met with Denise Retz (Parks & Recreation Superintendent) on February 2nd. Let the adventure begin!